How do PDF patterns work?

Once you’ve bought your pattern, you will get a email with a package of documents (usually in under 5 minutes), containing your pattern (with and without seam allowance, ready to print on a normal black and white home printer and A0 format for copy shop printing). You have the choice of either printing your pattern at home, which means you’ll have to trim and stick together sheets of A4, or send the file to a copy shop (look on our recommended resources for some online companies who provide this service) to be plotted on A0 sheets. The documents contain layers, so if you don’t want to print all sizes, deselect the sizes you don’t need - but please remember to keep the info layer! Check out more about printing your PDF pattern in our 'How to Print your PDF' page.


Why do people like PDF patterns?

Our system means that once you’ve paid, you’ll pretty much get your pattern files sent to your email immediately. Meaning you can choose your project and start working on it straight away! PDF patterns have been championed by individual and small groups of designers over the last few years and have exploded in popularity. People often comment that the instructions are clearer, the designs are more exciting and support is much more readily available. 


What do I get when I buy a pattern?

You’ll get an email containing a package of documents - the pattern itself layered (with and without seam allowance, ready to print on a normal black and white home printer and A0 format for copy shop printing), a instructional e-book which has all the information and instruction you’ll need to make up the design and a inspirational fashion e-magazine which hopefully will encourage you to be daring and creative with your make and your styling. We also include some special little extras from time to time with different patterns, but those will be listed on the product page.


I’ve bought my PDF order but I haven’t received a download link?

Firstly, check your junk, spam and promotion boxes in case it’s accidentally gone in there - if there is still no sign of it please contact us and we’ll look into what’s happened and get you your order as quickly as possible! We always aim to get back to you as soon as possible.


Can I return PDF patterns and get a refund?

Sadly we’re not able to accept returns on digital products. Of course if there is an issue with your PDF which makes it unusable please contact us immediately and we will do our very best to rectify the issues.


Do your patterns include seam allowances?

We give you two versions of the pattern, one with seam allowance and one without (we like to give you the one without to make it easier if you want to hack or customise our patterns further). So - yes, seam allowances are included, our standard width is 1.5 cm or 5/8 inch unless otherwise stated.


What do I do if I get stuck?

If you’re stuck with a technique, firstly look through our recommended resources webpage at the great Youtube tutorials we’ve found for you. If you've given it a go and it's just not working out for you, send us an email (hello@pierandpalace.com) and include some pictures of your attempts and we'll do our best to work out what's gone on and help you move forward with your make!


How do I share my makes?

We love seeing how you’ve transformed our patterns, and it’s great to be able inspire other sewists too. If you’re not the social media type, please email photos to us at hello@pierandpalace.com - and let us know if you’re not OK with us sharing your photos. If you are on Instagram, use our hashtag #pierandpalacepatterns, or the specific hashtag for the style (for example #sewingkemptown). And feel free to tag us! You might have noticed our Pinterest pages for each style - we try to keep them up to date and will always link them to your blogs/social media. If you don't wish for us to share your images, please just let us know


Can I sell garments made using your patterns?

Sorry but no! We develop patterns exclusively for personal domestic use.


Can I teach a class using your patterns?

Yes, however each student needs to use their own copy of the pattern.

If you wish to run a class using our patterns please contact us and we can discuss how to make this work, and, depending on your needs we may be able to offer a group purchase discount.


How do I give feedback?

Any comments, good or bad, suggestions, or questions are always welcome! Please email hello@pierandpalace.com and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Other terms and conditions:

Our patterns are exclusively for the use of the purchaser and are not to be reproduced, resold or shared in any form without our express permission.