All our patterns are drafted to roughly UK sizes 6-24 (patterns vary in range). Before making up any of our patterns - please read through our tips, measure yourself and compare it to our size chart below - getting a great fit is crucial to a successful make.
We always include the ‘real garment’ measurements in our pattern (in the instructional E-book), which is a the best way to check how that exact pattern will sit on your body. Some pieces are much more fitted than others, so it's worth considering them compared to your own measurements.

Measuring Tips
I always get someone else to measure you - could could accurate measure your own waist with the help of a mirror but hips and bust really need a second person as it is imperative you stand straight and check the whole tape is level.
One of the most important things when measuring your horizontal measurements (such as bust, waist and hip) is to make sure you are measuring level to the floor. You want the tape measure is level all the way around and doesn’t rise or dip in any place.
Bust measurements are taken across the widest part of the bust (generally over both nipples).
Waist measurements are taken just below the rib cage (where you fold when you lean to the side).
Hip measurements are taken at the widest part, normally roughly 20 cm/8” down from the waist. The hip should be the widest part of your lower body, however on some people this is lower than the hip (due to wider bums or thighs). It is worth checking if you have this by letting the tape measure drop down from you can hips while the person measuring you holds it still at the same measurement - see if it easily go over your lower hips and thighs. If you do have a ‘second hip’ - be careful when making anything fitted over the thigh, there are lots of great blogs and Youtubes explaining how to adjust patterns for this!